Casualty Insurance

This insurance covers direct financial losses that may be incurred by your business or damages that harm or destroy insured properties in your business, and the expenses resulting from these casualties. It covers the following:


A. Third Party Liability

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  1. Legal and financial obligations towards a third party resulting from monetary damages and/or physical injuries sustained from the actions of the insured person.
  2. General liability and commercial liability sustained from products, professional liability, engineer and contractor liability, and civil liability caused by pharmaceutical studies.
  3. Medical error insurance.
  4. Errors & omissions insurance.


B. Personal Accidents

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Anyone can find themselves the victim of an overwhelming non-illness related accident that can result in the loss of their source of income, caused either by the accident itself or by the cost of medical treatment. This insurance covers such accidents and extends to causes of death and permanent disability, whether total or partial. In such cases, the insurance compensates your family with the inheritance. You may extend the insurance plan to include compensation for medical treatment costs within the predetermined insurance cost.



 C. Workmen’s Compensation