Marine Insurance

This type of insurance covers any lost or damaged ships, shipped goods, or other goods/properties transferred from one place to another. It also covers these ships and/or goods during their transport, up until the point that they reach their final destination.

Marine insurance is comprised of the following:

A. Air Cargo

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Air Cargo All Risks: Insurance that covers goods transported by air.  

Air Cargo Total Loss: Insurance that covers goods that sustain total physical losses or damages while being transported by air.

B. Land Transit

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Land Transit All Risks: Insurance that covers all risks, losses, or deficiencies sustained by goods while being transported by land.  

Land Transit: Insurance that covers accidents sustained by materials and goods being shipped by land.

C. Marine Transport

Insurance that covers goods during their transport by sea. Its contracts cover the following:

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Clause A: Marine insurance that covers losses caused by all risks.

Clause B: Marine insurance that covers the full – not partial – loss of the package or parcel caused only by the  insured risks.

Clause C: Maritime insurance that covers goods that have sustained total physical losses and damages while being transported by sea.