Specialized Financial and Other Insurance

Our expertise and close ties with the top specialized reinsurance companies qualify us to provide you with specialized insurance that cover risks that may affect your company in the long run. These types of insurance include the following:

A. Money Insurance 

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Stored Money: Covers the loss of funds kept in a secure vault in an insured location.

Money in Transit: Covers the loss of funds during their transfer, caused by theft or armed robbery within the limits of the amount agreed upon in the invoice.


B. Fidelity Guarantee

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This insurance covers financial losses sustained due to infidelity, which includes fraud and embezzlement carried out by insured employees, particularly those who bear the liability of the fiscal covenant (treasury secretaries, accountants, collectors, etc.)


C. Credit Insurance

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This insurance covers lenders by facilitating their compensation for damages sustained as a result of a failure to repay the loans they have granted.


D. Banker’s Blanket Bond Insurance

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Insurance that covers a group of risks faced particularly by the banks, which may lead to losses either on behalf of the bank or its customers.