Keep your family safe in the event of the death or complete disability of either the provider or other family member. This insurance is the best financial guarantee for your family in case of the sudden cutoff of its income source. You may choose from the following services provided by this insurance: education plans, savings, and critical illness.


Savings & Retirement

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Develop savings to help plan the retirement you dream off.  The program also protects from inflation while offering the freedom to obtain loans from investments at any time.  The retirement plan provides flexible payment installments, coverage period, and freedom to indicate the desired returns based on current and future capabilities.



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Saving for children’s education is extremely essential as education costs are continuously rising. 
The service guarantees financial support to your children regardless of unforeseen future financial circumstances, enabling them to achieve their ambitions in life without obstacles.


Critical Illness

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Secure medical coverage for high expense treatments in case patient is diagnosed with critical illness that is covered in the insurance policy.