This insurance covers damages and financial losses sustained by your vehicle from collisions, deterioration, overturning, theft, or other risks. It covers both the driver and passengers of the vehicle against any first degree injuries, death, and total disability, in addition to any resulting medical expenses and the vehicle’s liability towards the other party. In addition to roadside assistance.


Roadside assistance includes the following services:

  • Tow or move your car if it breaks down after an accident or mechanical/electrical malfunction
  • Replace a tire in the event of a flat
  • Fill your car with gas if it runs out on the road
  • Charge your car battery if it dies
  • Have an expert locksmith open your car when you’ve locked your keys inside
  • Cover travel and accommodation expenses if your car breaks down or is stolen during travel
  • Move, restore, deposit, or guard your repaired or restored car
  • Provide an alternative driver if the driver falls ill or dies