The first Jordanian insurance company to grant its employees an extended parenting vacation with pay!

2020 01,01

Delta Insurance has launched additional benefits for employees for the year 2020, which are summarized by benefits mainly related to maternity and paternity, this comes in line with its strategy to motivate and appreciate the human element in the company.


The new features that the company launched include the following benefits: giving the mother 90 days of paid maternity leave instead of 70 days, and doubling the hour of breastfeeding, in addition to giving the father 5 days of paid paternity leave. These additions and benefits come from the company’s belief in the importance of creating a work environment that balances the professional and personal responsibilities of employees.


Mr. Raja’ei Noursi - General Manager - said: "Delta Insurance's strategy focuses on investing in the human element.  At Delta; we are on a journey to empower our greatest asset, our people, with greater flexibility to manage their work and personal priorities. With that belief in mind, we launched the new family friendly benefits.”


These benefits came in addition to other benefits and features that Delta Insurance uses to reward its employees for performance such as educational motivational benefits, opportunities for professional development, and others that aim to create a positive work environment through a variety of programs.