Board of Directors

Delta Insurance Company is managed by the Board of Directors comprised of a group of distinguished businessmen, economists, and insurance sector experts.This reflects the strong confidence the Company enjoys in the Jordanian market.

Delta's Board of Directors:

  • Messrs Investments & Integrated Industries represented by Mr. Ghassan Elia Costandi Nuqul / Chairman /  Jordanian
  • Messrs Lebanese Swiss Company for Insurance represented by Mrs. Nadine Mecattaf / Deputy Chairman / Lebanese
  • Mr. Basem Fouad Metri Farradj / Member / Jordanian
  • Mr. Ramzi Zaki Beni Noursi / Member / Jordanian
  • Mr. Pierre Michel Michel Pharoun / Member / Lebanese
  • Messrs Elia Nuqul And Sons Company represented by Mr. Marwan Elia Nuqul
  • Mr. Raja'ei Zaki Beni Noursi / General Manager / Jordanian
  • Mr. Mr. Basem Isam Salfiti / Member / Jordanian
  • Mr. Nader Michael Mousa Sindaha / Member / Jordanian
  • Mr. George Nicola George Abu Khader  / Member / Jordanian